It always come as a surprise that Denver has been one of the places in the country with favorable weather conditions. Denver doesn’t offer too warm or too cold temperatures so many have come to settle and live in the city.

During the spring and summer seasons, the temperature in the city rise as high as 80° F, with an arid weather condition and precipitation that is as low as 8 inches per year, giving more days of happy sunshine for the residents and tourists in Denver.

Many people come to Denver during colder seasons as well because of lesser frost bites, with fall and winter temperatures as low as 45°F and snow that thaws faster compared to other cities. Though Denver can be a good winter playground, most of the tourist come here to warm themselves up from the colder weather situations in other states in the country.

With the elevation of the city above sea level, that is 5,280 ft., and amiable weather conditions, Denver has been visited by many. With their tourist attractions, lineup of stores, bistros, cafés, and sunnier days than Miami or San Diego, Denver becomes one of the famous destinations in the state, not just in a specific season, but all year round.

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