Pet Friendly Denver

As a frontier city based at the foothill of the Rocky Mountains, Denver is also the best place to bring your furry friends to the great outdoors with many parks and camps that should make your dog feel the exciting experience of being out in the sun, rolling in the grass, and playing fetch or puddle with their trusted owners.

Here are some of the parks you and your good friends can visit:

  • Railyard Dog Park – this dog park is situated right inside metro Denver. This is the perfect spot for you and your dog to enjoy an afternoon of fetch, stroll, or a jog. With many loving pet owners in the city, you and your dog should be at home with everyone else.
  • Berkeley Lake Dog Park – located beside Lakeside Amusement Park, this dog park features the grassy terrain and the view of the lake. However, the lake is off-limits to both humans and dogs, so you better bring your water bottle and not risk having your dog get near the lake.
  • Fuller Park Dog Park – this suburban park is home to everyone, including your pets too. Enjoy an afternoon strolling around and bond with your furry best friend and see the neighbors enjoy some time with everyone and their pets too.

Many dog parks are also available outside of the city, which is also a good place to add on your list when planning to bring your dog on a journey.

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