About Denver

Geography and Demographics

Dubbed as the Mile High City, Denver rose from the rugged terrains of the State of Colorado approximately one mile above sea level, thus bearing its famous nickname. With an area of 401.4 square kilometers, way bigger than Seattle, and surrounded by picturesque mountain views, the city has been home to many native and foreign settlers. The Rocky Mountains has become one of the most prominent mountain landmarks in the city, as well as the state, and it is clearly visible when you visit Denver. The view stretches up to 140 miles and their prominent snow-capped mountains can be seen anywhere you go.

Currently, the population of Denver is approximately 725,000, with majority of them as Native Americans and descendants of Europeans who have migrated to the U.S. in the 19th century. People living in the metropolitan area, as well as tourists coming in and out of the city, were as many as 3 million every year. The population of the city has also rose significantly as immigrants have been arriving, mostly Hispanic Americans and African-Americans.

History and Culture of Denver

With over 30% of the population as Hispanic and 10% African American, the city has been proud of its frontier roots and the connection of the name was driven from the Kansan Territorial Governor James Denver, who was seeking political favors by naming the city after him, though he had already retired when the city was named after him.


As immigration is also active in this city, cultures have been diverse yet continually celebrated as one city. Practically, there is less water in the city but has been surrounded by beautiful nature parks and protected wildlife. Alcohol has also been one of the prominent drinks in the city and has been part of the tours that introduces the lifestyle and culture of Denver that makes it distinct from any other cities in the nation.

Denver has been proud of their history and culture and the Mile High City celebrates their charter days and other city celebrations with bountiful meals and another draft of beer and alcohol.

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