Baby Cradle Mattresses

Baby Cradle Mattresses

Baby Cradle Mattresses

Baby cradle and a puffy mattress need to be soft and comfortable for your baby. However, they can’t be too soft at the expense of support. Your baby, just like yourself, needs enough support from the mattress to maintain good musculoskeletal alignment starting at an early age. This is especially important since most babies normally spend 60 percent of their time sleeping.

One concern of a growing number of parents, of which many still aren’t completely aware, is the risk to the baby’s health posed by chemical toxins that are routinely added to commercial baby cradle mattresses. It may sound incredible, but an assortment of synthetic sprays and chemicals, which release airborne fumes that enter the respiratory system, are typically found within mattress materials. Baby mattresses are no exception.

Safe Baby Cradle Mattresses

To save money and to improve product performance, the mattress industry has routinely added chemicals to its products for roughly the past 50 years. However, little thought has gone into the impact of these chemicals on the human system. Over time, the more we learn, the more evident it becomes that these chemicals are linked to not just respiratory problems, but also skin irritations and detrimental effects on the immune system.

Where newborn babies are concerned, this is ominous information indeed. For this reason, several companies have come up with healthy alternatives to the chemical-laden baby mattress. These include baby cradle mattresses made from all organic products such as natural latex from organic rubber trees, organic cotton, and naturally fire-retardant organic wool. These mattresses also offer excellent support.

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