How to Turn a Mattress

Turn a Mattress

How to Turn a Mattress


Turning great hybrid mattress is an old trick to keep a mattress in good shape and prevent it from sagging. Just be aware of the fact that not all mattresses should be turned over, some should only be turned from end to end. Before you start practicing the habit of turning your mattress, consult the manufacturer to find out which rules apply for it.

Step 1: When to Turn a Mattress

Mattresses can be turned from end to end (changing which side you rest your feet on versus your head) and from side to side (changing with side you lie on versus which side faces down).

  1. Some mattresses should only be turned from end to end, as they are not designed to be flipped (turned over from one side to the other).
  2. Know that there is not a consensus on how often you should flip your mattress over and turn it. Some recommend doing both at the same time, while others recommend the flipping to occur separately from the turning with a few months apart. Regardless of which method you choose, it’s usually recommended to flip, turn or flip and turn the mattress every few months.
  3. It’s usually recommended that you turn the mattress more often in the beginning.

Step 2: How to Turn a Mattress

Turning and flipping a mattress is easier said than done, especially if you live by yourself. While many people know that turning and flipping a mattress is recommended, some avoid it simply because they find it difficult. There are some tricks to make the procedure easier.

    1. Additional help will be needed for a large mattress, but is best for a small one as well. Having someone help you can prevent back pain and will allow for a smoother turning of the mattress, preventing damage to it.

    2. If your bed frame allows for it, turn the mattress by first pushing it sideways so the corners are sticking out and then turning it so it lies across the bed. Push it down so it’s hanging out over the end of the bed. Lift it up so it’s standing and let if fall down. Then turn it around to the correct position.

    3. When the mattress falls down, be there to catch it. Guide it down instead of just letting it fall to prevent damage to it.

 4 Don’t use the mattress handles, if any, to turn the mattress, as they are not designed for this.


No matter how much you paid for your mattress or what type of brand it is, maintain it by turning it on a regular basis. This will help to preserve it’s shape and support, which will enable to you sleep better and wake up more rested.

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