Stop Smoking, Travel Instead

Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking, Travel Instead

If you’re getting bored of the same old and you’re itching for some spice in your life, then there’s no doubt that this one thing of cleaning the rig might cross your might a little more often than necessary: travel.

However, addiction to smoking cigarettes, dab rigs, or any other kind of addiction for that matter, can be a great hindrance to that dream, not only because it may cut your life seven to eight years shorter, but it can also limit your saving capabilities.

If you think about it, smoking a pack per day stops $1887.05 from entering your bank account by the end of the year, which is quite a lot and can be better spent on travel.

Other than that, here are other health benefits of permanently putting down your cigarettes:

Better Senses, Oral Health, and Lung Function

Damaged nerve endings, which causes deterred sense of smell and taste, bad lung function, and bad oral health caused by smoking, will be restored when you stop the deed.

Although the first few days will be irritable, the effects can be felt sooner than expected. Your teeth will become whiter, lips return to their healthier color, and best of all, your sense of smell and taste will improve.

Imagine traveling and going on food trips with a great sense of taste, better breathing, and fresher breath? Not a bad idea.

Improved Mobility

Improved circulation and oxygenation will now lead to better mobility and flexibility. Plus, by quitting, you’ve just made working out or simply doing chores a bit easier.

Your whole body will thank and reward you for this decision by functioning better, and with restored lung function and blood circulation, you’ll eventually be able to endure more strenuous activities and challenges compared to when you smoked.

Healthier Skin and Hair

Appealing to vanity, if you’re a person who values your physique, then you may want to quit smoking and see how much better you can go from there.

Smoking can draw lines over your lips and cause discoloration. The smoke you inhale causes skin sagging and wrinkles, and nicotine blocks blood and oxygen flow to the scalp, disrupting hair growth. So if you care a lot for your skin, then it may be a good choice to put the cigarette down.

Better Handling of Stress and Less Prone to Illnesses

Although a lot of people say they smoke to relieve stress, this is false. Smoking increases heart rate and blood pressure which means it can cause even more stress instead of relieving it. Finding other healthier ways of relieving stress such as meditation or exercise would be a better choice.

Also, the persistent coughs you can never seem to get rid of while you were a smoker will now end as you continue with your quitting process. Moreover, it can reduce the risks of stroke, heart disease, or worse, lung cancer in the future.


So if you still haven’t gotten enough of life yet, then it’s best to stop abusing your body now and enjoy a better functioning one.

Be addicted to life and travel instead! Instead of spending your hours lighting and smoking a cigarette outside, go on a random trip on your bicycle to someplace you’ve never been to.

Always remember, you are in control of your life, and making good decisions now will eventually lead to more opportunities and a brighter tomorrow.

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