Sports Teams in Denver to Cheer For

Sports Teams in Denver

Sports Teams in Denver to Cheer For

People are fond of finding their own interests that keep them entertained; watching sports is one of these interesting entertainments people look forward to. If you’re a sports enthusiast, you’ll most definitely know and that Denver, the capital of Colorado, caters professional sports that will make you love the world of sports even better.

These 7 sports team from different sports have paved the way in making Denver home to some of the best athletes in the roster. These particular sports, mainly ball games, include baseball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, football, rugby, and hockey.

Knowing that Denver produces one of the best sports team in the league, here is some of the particular team you should give your all-out support to:

Colorado Avalanche

Based in Denver, Colorado, this renowned ice hockey team has gained support from ice hockey fans throughout the world for winning several games including their game during the Stanley Cup Finals in 1996 and 2001 and nine division titles.

In the 1996 Stanley Cup Finals, the team won the game against Florida Panthers, claiming the first NHL team to win the said finals after it was transferred to a different location. As of November 2018, they’ve reached their 1000th win after defeating the Ducks.

Colorado Rockies

As mentioned, Denver serves as a nesting place for some best players in various sports – including baseball. Colorado Rockies, a baseball team based in Denver, Colorado, has gained the title “hitter’s park” after competing at Coors Field.

In terms of history, they first started as an expansion team during the 1993 season. During this time, the members of the said team were able to show off their skills at Mile High Stadium for two seasons.

After a series of events that occurred in the team, they’ve still managed to produce the finest competitive players that best represent the team.

Colorado Rapids

Soccer is a well-loved sport by many individuals due to the thrill of being able to surpass the goalkeeper through projecting the perfect angle in shooting the ball. Albeit played by several teams across the world, Denver’s finest Colorado Rapids have gained utmost respect towards fans, not limited to American fans, but even for other countries, as well.

The team joins in the Major League Soccer under the Western Conference. Their first major appearance occurred in 1997 when they competed and lost against D.C. United. However, they were able to win the title as Major League Soccer Cup champions in 2010.


Sports, without doubt, is a fine interest that captivates enthusiasts to continue supporting their favorite sports alongside their team of choice. If you dig deeper on the sports issue, you’ll know that Denver produces some of the finest players on the list that would surely make you feel much interested in the game.

Various sports are enlisted as famous in Denver, Colorado, including soccer, ice hockey, baseball, football, rugby, basketball, and lacrosse – each having their own set of teams with tons of fans.

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