Top Spice Shops You Should Visit in Denver

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Top Spice Shops You Should Visit in Denver

Herbs and spices are like magical dust to anyone who loves cooking. A single pinch of the flavoured magic will make any dish a hundred times better, making them taste exotic and original which is a favourite activity for culinary adventurers.

Little jars and tins of spices with a mystery on when they were packaged aren’t exactly the best. Why settle for those when fresh mixes, spices, rubs, and herbs are obtainable in spice stores or even ethnic groceries all over the metro area?

Simply entering a spice shop makes an invigorating experience, and purchasing small quantities of fresh seasoning and replacing them before they lose their aroma and flavor will keep your creations tasty whenever you bake or cook.

That said, if you happen to visit Denver, then here are some places you want to explore:

Savory Spice Shop

Savory Spice Shops have this certain design where they make you feel like you’re out in the country picking out your spices, rubs, blends, and aromatic herbs from the open shelves. Their products are surely fresh because they are all grounded every week in small batches.

Their staff is always eager to accommodate spice newbies, so it is possible to acquire small quantities if you only need a sprinkle or a pinch of something. Mike and Janet Johnston, home bakers and cooks, opened their first Savory Spice Shop in Denver back in 2004. Janet had some national recognition from a limited TV series “Spice & Easy” where she demonstrated the inventive ways of using spices to upgrade popular dishes.

Penzeys Spice Shop

Started as a single family-owned store in Wisconsin that soon offered mail order and later made online sales, Penzeys Spice Shop now has about 30 retail locations all over the nation. Giving their store the old country vibe draws a lot of foodies and cooks.

Six of their retail stores can be found on Front Range, Colorado. Penzeys even wrote a book about large scale retailing of spices in bulk. With the huge popularity of spices, Penzeys continue to grind, blend, pack and ship a huge number and variety of their blends and spices.

World Food Bazaar

This grocery market is one of the best in metro Denver for offering a remarkable variety of food from Africa and the Indian subcontinent where spices are abundant in these countries. Halal meats, turmeric, canned goods, apparel, housewares, and more can be easily found in this store. You can also take delight in the fact that it’s neatly organized too.

Cooks who are ambitious enough to want to try making Pakistani recipes will find the correct spices mentioned in their cookbooks. For those who are a little new to using exotic ingredients, the store’s staff will happily search for the right spices which use different names in different languages. Imported herbs and spices with the Shan, Swad, and Laziza labels prove their authenticity from the country’s delicious food.


If you’re on a search for the best spices in Denver, then you’d want to consider dropping by one of these shops for a fresh collection of the finest spices in town.

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