Most Iconic Dishes in Denver

Iconic Dishes in Denver

Most Iconic Dishes in Denver

Denver has adopted various food culture throughout the years, and the Rocky Mountain Oysters is one of its famous dishes, which mainly uses a bull testicle as its key ingredient. Aside from having diverse food options, mentioned that you may have heard the story about Louis Ballast from the Humpty Dumpty Drive-In who made the first cheeseburger.

Additionally, because there are a lot of Mexicans who are living in Denver, this has also contributed to its current food culture. If you are reading this now, you may wonder if what are some of the most iconic dishes that Denver has to offer. Read on to find out more.

Beau Jo’s Mountain Pizza

If you have had enough of eating greasy pizza, then this is the one for you. It closely resembles a deep-dish pizza, but in Denver, they call it a mountain style pizza. The handmade crust has a thicker crust and not as oily as the normal pizzas available in other restaurants. This gives it a unique texture and makes every bite satisfying. It really is a must-try dish when you go to Denver.

The Mexican Hamburger

What makes Mexican hamburgers unique? Well, first of all, they are not made with the usual sesame buns. Instead, flour tortillas replaced the role of the buns in this hamburger. This type of burger is available in several Mexican restaurants in Denver.  However, they all have their different styles on how they present the dish. Usually, this burger is made with a beef patty and beans that is smothered with cheese.

Tartare Made of Game Meat

Denver is pretty popular when it comes to their game meat. Most of the fine restaurants offer them, but in Colt & Gray, they decided to offer raw game meat that will be your next favorite appetizer. The dish includes quail eggs, and customers do not need to worry about the meat having a gamey taste because the chef makes sure that it does not taste odd to customers.

Smothered Burritos

Burritos are a classic breakfast staple, but in Denver, they kick it up a notch by smothering it with gravy and sometimes cheese, which you can eat anytime. There are variations of the smothered burritos available like having beef and tomatoes as a topping or refried beans.

The Denver Omelet

This is another dish that you can see in almost all of the restaurant menus in town as, in a piece of kitchen advice told by chefs, this dish is easy to make at home. It is usually served with a sandwich and potato on the side, but every diner differs in what they offer.

Cinnamon Rolls

You might be surprised to see this on the list, but every town should have something that can satisfy their sweet tooth. The traditional rolls are available at the Butcher Block Café, and they have been serving freshly-made cinnamon rolls for many years now. Their rolls are smothered with butter at the top which makes them a crowd favorite.

There are still a lot of iconic dishes that we might have missed on this list. However, the dishes that we included are already the classic ones and favorites amongst Denver citizens.

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