DIY Sugar Waxing for Your Summer in Denver

DIY Sugar Waxing

DIY Sugar Waxing for Your Summer in Denver

When summer knocks, nobody wants to walk in the park or the beach with hairy and scary legs. These places are crowded, and you wouldn’t want your legs to be the center of attraction. Getting your legs beach-ready by shaving them, silky smooth by using skin-friendly products can go a long way in boosting your tour experience. You can also try sugar wax recipe to enhance your this summner experience.

Waxing currently stands out as one of the most effective hair shaving techniques. Most people think of waxing as a costly, time-consuming, and painful exercise that can only be conducted under specialized rooms by an expert. While there is professional waxing, there is also DIY waxing, which you can comfortably do at the comfort of your house. One common DIY waxing technique is sugar waxing.

What’s Sugar Waxing?

Sugar waxing is the DIY application of organically sourced and made sugar paste. The sugar past is prepared by cooking organic ingredients like water, lemon juice, honey, and water. Sugar wax boasts outstanding hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and organic properties, which makes it the safest and most comfortable way to wax out hair in the eyebrows, bikini area, underarms, and legs.

How Does Sugar Waxing Work?

When applied on your body surface, the hot liquefied substance will bind to the hair. When you pull out the paste, it will come out with all the hair within the applied surface right from the roots. Sugar is an organic moisturizer and exfoliator, so it will soften and smoothen your skin.

How to Prepare Sugar Waxing Paste?

Anybody can prepare high-quality sugar wax. All you need is to follow instructions as given by professionals:

  • Get a ¼ cup of water, a ¼ cup of lemon juice, and 2 cups of organic sugar. Then them all in a pot. Gently heat the mixture while stirring. Keep adjusting the temperature.
  • Let the mixture heat for about 25 minutes. Once the paste turns to a dark orange color, get it out of the heat and leave it for 10 minutes to cool down.

How to Apply Sugar Wax?

  • Get your already cool paste and gently apply it on the area you want to be waxed. Remember to always spread the paste against the hair growth lines.
  • Leave it for several seconds. Now, pull it off, but this time, following the hair growth lines.
  • Keep on repeating the steps until all the hair is cleared.

How Long Does Sugar Waxed Hair Take to Grow Again?

Sugar waxed hair will approximately take about 2 weeks to grow again. However, some hair takes shorter time while others take longer. There are many things that affect how long sugar waxed hair take to grow some of which are:

  • How fast the user’s hair takes to grow.
  • How best the sugar waxing exercise is done.
  • How many times you have waxed out with sugar paste.


Getting your legs ready for the summer walks, rides, and tours in Denver don’t have to be costly. With the right information, you can easily prepare a sugar wax, and use it efficiently to shave off your legs, hands, bikini area, and chest. The outlined information will guide you to prepare and use sugar waxing efficiently.

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