What Is the Cost of Living in Denver?

Living in Denver

What Is the Cost of Living in Denver?

Cost of living varies in every country. There are several factors that may affect how high or how low the cost of living is – the currency, the economy, population, land area, and such. While it’s stated by https://snurl.com/ that the cost of living is possible to differ among area, that doesn’t mean that you will have to go in blind.

If you’re planning to live in an area with numerous outdoor activities, Denver may be one of your options. However, as beautiful as that place is, the cost of living may not be within your means. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to find out. Below are some of the things that weigh in the total cost of living in Denver.


While it’s very ideal that you already own a house when you move to another location, it’s also not that easy to do so. Yes, it’s good to own a house, but renting one also has its own advantages. One is that it doesn’t tie you down. Being in a new place can be overwhelming, and there will be adjustments. Renting will allow you the freedom of staying or moving out whenever you want. Now, a studio apartment is around $1,100, a one-bedroom apartment will cost you around $1,200, and if you need a bigger apartment for a bigger family, be ready to have around $1,500 for monthly rent.


Of course, you will need to have utilities to go with your home. In Denver, prices are relatively lower than average. A basic utility package is around $130 – that includes electricity, water, garbage, and gas or heating. If you want Internet service, you will need to pay around $50 separately for it.


Another thing you most definitely should include is the budget for food. This is non-negotiable of course. Restaurants and cafes cost quite higher than the average price in the USA with $60 for a three-course meal in a restaurant and around $4 for a cup of coffee. Even when you opt to cook, you will still need to pay more for products like chicken, eggs, and wine. The good news is that in Denver, fruits and vegetables cost lower than average.


Transportation allowance is still needed in Denver despite the active lifestyle of people – like running and biking. Although, of course, monthly transportation allowance is different for every commuter, the fee would still range from $80 for local service to $140 for express service. Regional transport cost around $175.


Apart from those listed above, you will need to spare a specific portion of your income for things like the following:

·         Health Care

You may need to ready $130 for a preventive primary care visit.

·         Entertainment and Fitness

Let’s not kid ourselves, this is important, too. Just be sure to budget around $10 for theatre and around $40 for a gym membership.

·         Taxes

Tax rates may vary, but they’re all important as they go to places like education in Denver. There is a total of roughly 25% for various types of taxes.


To be well-prepared for your move to Denver, you might want to consult one or two advisors for financial advice This may seem extreme, but it’s really not as you want your move to be as smooth as possible.

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