Springtime in the Mile High City

Springtime in the Mile High City

As winter fades, spring blossoms. This adage makes Denver a preferred destination when waiting for spring to blossom fully during March and April. While most come to the city to escape the icy chills from their snow-covered cities or states, many also come to Denver for the special programs prepared by the city and the locals to celebrate another year of bounty and celebration. Most of the residents celebrate spring through spring cleaning and maypoles, but there are other events and activities that makes the Mile High City a must-visit destination of the season.

Here are some of the special occasions that should get your winter spirits thawed up and enjoy the blossoming of the new season:

  • Amtrak Winter Park Express Ski Train. Many had come to visit Colorado at the end of the winter season to experience the famous ski train. This route brings you from the Union Station to the Denver Winter Park Resort. With its slopeside train service, the only one in the country, many continue to visit the city to experience this thrilling ride of a lifetime.

Denver Zoo. Since spring break sets in during this season, many children would love to enjoy the time away from school in order to be amazed by animals they have learned at school. Denver Zoo offers a lot of natural attractions and is home to many wildlife creatures brought from Europe and Africa. They had featured their Toyota Elephant Passage and The Edge, where it brings you closer to their tigers and elephants.

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