Denver in summer

Denver in summer

Wanting to have a summer experience right in front of the majestic Rocky Mountains? Denver’s summer becomes the perfect season for you to pack your summer bag and head on to the Mile High City to experience Colorado in its warmest time. A lot of activities have been prepared for its residents and visitors, and everyone in the city has been buzzing about it all year long.

Here are some of the best summer events you could expect that should bring your summer memories to a full circle:

  • Leonardo da Vinci: 500 Years of Genius. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science brings once more the famous works of the art genius, da Vinci, and the revolutionary masterpieces that had defined the turn of the centuries. This is held in August so better get some hotel and ticket booking done for a more convenient visit.
  • Denver Music Festival. The music aficionados would surely love this festival, especially when they find themselves in Denver. Jazz, rock, R&B, and many more musical genres would be showcased by local and international artists and will surely bring your musical tones alive and make your hips sway along with the tunes.
  • Denver Festivals. From the Hispanic Cinco de Mayo to the Pride Parades brought by the LGBT+ communities in Denver, the streets become totally colorful once summer sets in metro Denver.

The only thing missing in this festival is you, your friends and family, and your summer festive vibe. Start booking your tickets and hotel early as Denver becomes fully packed during these seasons.

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