Guide for Traveling with Medical Marijuana

Traveling with Medical Marijuana

Guide for Traveling with Medical Marijuana

In some places, the legality of medical marijuana has been an important issue for patients who badly need it. As mentioned by, it can still be a problem because of concerns like travel issues.

This is because some states or countries are still not open to public use of medical marijuana. So, you should know this information to avoid any conflicts, especially when you are traveling.

Rules and Regulations

Marijuana and medical marijuana in the USA are still under the Schedule I drug classification. This means that bringing marijuana over state lines is considered a crime.

Because of this, you can be penalized for doing so as it’s considered drug trafficking. Worse is the five-year imprisonment you will endure and the additional fine of $250,000 for your first offense.

This rule is just in the USA; other countries have more fatal regulations if caught transporting the drug. You can either spent the rest of your life in jail or be executed.

Travel by Airports

For the TSA, their primary focus is not dealing with medical marijuana. Security staff members will not intentionally look for these substances. Mark Howell, the TSA’s regional spokesman, had something to say about the matter.

He explained that their focus is finding things that would cause a significant problem in the airport and, most importantly, inside the airplanes. He also added that they are not that active towards medical marijuana.

Nevertheless, the TSA posted on its Instagram some points regarding the topic. On their Instagram, the agency stated that if officers of the TSA were able to find these substances, they would still turn over the individual and the drugs to law enforcement as part of the federal law.

Desired Destination

Before your trip, it is better to know their laws regarding the use of medical marijuana. This way, you know what you should do and prepare for your arrival. Also, check whether that state accepts medical marijuana cards.

There are states like Arkansas that offer medical marijuana programs that last for 30 days. They also require visitors to pay a non-refundable fee of $50. They also state the amount of medical marijuana you can use within their borders.

For example, in Oregon, you can only have one ounce as a visitor, unlike their residents, who can have 24 ounces of medical marijuana.

Street and Rail Vehicles

Amtrak is strict in implementing the rules about the substance, whether it’s for medical reasons or otherwise.

So, even if the state or the country you came from has legal permission for medical marijuana, it is still not counted.

If you are going to travel by car, make sure that the place you are heading to accepts the use of the substance. If not, do not carry it with you to avoid legal issues.


Obeying the rules of the state of your destination is the most important thing to remember. If you don’t, there are consequences ahead that you might regret.

Thus, inform yourself with the best information about the legality of medical marijuana before traveling to other places.

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