Relevant Instagram Stats You Need to Know for 2020

Relevant Instagram

Relevant Instagram Stats You Need to Know for 2020

This year Instagram likes kaufen will be ten years old. For the few years it has existed, it has changed the lives of many people. The platform began as a photo posting app and has become a source of income to its owners and means in which businesses can grow their brand. It has also managed to maintain its users over the years. In 2019 the percentage of adults in the US that use Instagram rose from 35% to 37%, and the active users have been estimated to be 1 billion. Knowing the platform’s statistics data will helps you to come up with an Instagram strategy. Based on this data, you can predict what to expect in 2020.

Instagram User Statistics 

Compared to Facebook, Instagram is used by many younger users. Based on statistics, more than half of Instagram users globally are younger than 34 years. In the US, it is the second most preferred by teenagers apart from Snapchat. The largest group comprises those who are between 18-24 years. Females that use Instagram are about 51 percent, while males are thought to be 49 percent. Instagram has a global user audience. The highest number of users are located in the US, followed by India, and brazil comes third.

Usage Statistics

Usage statics assist you in knowing the actions users are taking and the type of marketing funnel you can put them in. If users only log in once a month, then you don’t need to put up much time to that network. About six out of ten users log on Instagram daily. It is the second most logged-in site by users after Facebook. Twenty percent of Instagram users log in weekly, and only 16 percent log in less often than that.

How Often Do Americans Use Social Media

The number of US adults that use social media grew by only 2 percent. Instagram users are thought to spend as much time as they spend on Facebook. They browse for approximately an hour a day. The time spent on the platforms shows that it is quite an engaging platform. Engaged users are likely to have some interest in your brand.

Based on statistics, Instagram users are projected to grow. It is expected that by 2023 the number of active Instagram users will have grown to about 125.5 million. The networks reached one billion monthly active users in June 2018. Several celebrities also use Instagram. However, people like Beyoncé are not part of the top five popular users. The account with the highest number of users includes that of Cristiano Ronaldo, Ariana Grande, and the Rock.

How Brands Use Instagram

Ninety percent of the accounts on Instagram follow about one business on Instagram. The platform users are never scared of the brand presence. According to a survey, Instagram users noted that they view brands on Instagram as accessible, creative, entertaining, and committed to building community. The Instagram platform has become popular as an e-commerce marketing site. Eighty-three percent of Instagram users discover products and services on the platform.

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