The Centennial State Ranks Third as The Country for Healthiest Pets

Healthiest Pets

The Centennial State Ranks Third as The Country for Healthiest Pets

Aside from being regularly hailed as one of the most pet-friendly states, Colorado is also now the 3rd top state for having the healthiest pets according to The study considered four aspects before determining the rankings which are access to vet care, a healthy environment, total pet spend, and illness. It is overwhelming to learn that the healthy lifestyle of the people in Colorado stretch out to their cats, dogs, and other pets. This gives us the understanding of a seemingly domino effect in this case.

A Massachusetts based company called Waltham which is responsible for monitoring families in all classes, children, as well as senior care and other services, utilized a “Think Tank” analysis to gather data on pet care from all states and ranked them according to the following categories namely healthy environment, illness, total pet spend, and access to vet care.

Based on the data, Colorado was at the top 2 in total pet spending and came in second place with regards to the least pet illness rate in the country. Then, as stated in a press release by, the result of Waltham analysis is to be consolidated with their metrics resulting into national pet health-related rankings. They found out that the states that ranked at the top had better access to veterinary care services, little incidence of pet ailments, higher pet-connected expenditure and safer surroundings for pets. Montana (1) and Nebraska (2) were the only states to have outranked Colorado in the overall categories.

The Centennial state didn’t excel in the health environment category. This took into consideration the air quality (particularly the quantity of high-particle pollution per day), number of sheltered animals (the higher – the worse), percentage of conservation area, and several other parameters. As a matter of fact, Colorado was ranked 45th in this said category. Amanda McNamara, marketing associate of, explained that though Colorado had a bad overall air quality and got the highest number of sheltered animals than the other states, it had an excellent work score, plenty of state parks, and larger sheltered lands. These positive factors greatly helped Colorado to be put at the top tier states even with the poor health environment.

According to Joyce Hodel, the lead data analyst of, the pets in West Coast states have healthier and longer life span compared to those in East Coast states where they have hotter temperatures. This is because such condition promotes the spreading of transmittable illnesses such as hookworms, Lyme and heartworm illnesses. She added that western states also provided many more sheltered parks for animals to play and exercise, offer affordable pet insurance and have ample number of veterinarians. In conclusion, West Coast states are clearly the better option than the East Coast.

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