Little Colorado and Bannor Toys Collaborated for New Toy Box Designs

New Toy Box Designs

Little Colorado and Bannor Toys Collaborated for New Toy Box Designs

Cleaning up Kids’ realistic baby dolls toyscan be one of the most strenuous house chores for anyone living with a kid. They play whenever they want, and when you try to clean it up, they’ll get mad. In some cases, just after you’ve cleaned everything up, there goes that little playful kid and frees his toys from the storage again.

In this article, we won’t give you tips on how to lock up your kids’ toys (that would be terrible). We will show you the new toy box designs that were produced by the collaboration of Little Colorado and Bannor Toys.

·         Whale

This 28 x 17 x 13 toy box in the shape of a whale is made from the precious birch plywood. It is sturdy and is already fully assembled and ready for keeping toys up. This is really functional since it can also be used for storing other things such as baby books and stuff. This Whale Toy Boc is already available at Amazon.

·         Elephant

This cute elephant toy box comes in the size of 25 x 19 x 13. This also comes fully assembled and is good for keeping a great number of kids’ toys. This can be purchased through Amazon.

·         Train

This design may suit the taste of baby boy toddlers. This train box has a 25 x19 x13 size and is also made up of birch plywood. You may purchase this one at Amazon.

These new toy box designs are also environment-friendly since it is made up of the most sustainable material there is—wood! This is really good since our generation has known toy storages as the ones made up of plastic and synthetic materials. With these new toy box designs, you can be sure that it doesn’t have any toxic chemicals that may harm your kid, plus, it is also elegant and can match in any house ambiance.

Another advantage of having this is that you may decorate it and hand-paint it yourself. It has a plain wooden design, and you may manipulate it to any style or color you want. Also, the edges of these wooden toy boxes are perfectly trimmed without any sharp edges for the safety of your kid. Plastic toy storages are often associated with kid accidents such as head bumps and wounds due to its sharp plastic edges. With these toy boxes, you can assure your kids’ safety.

Both Little Colorado and Bannor Toys are small businesses based in the USA that share the same vision and goals. They promote a memorable childhood experience in this age of gadgets and modern gameplay. They believe that children should have a childhood experience way more than having it in a virtual world.

Purchasing these newly designed wooden toy boxes will not only assure you for your kids’ safety while playing, but it will also support the mission of Little Colorado and Bannor Toys in providing betterment to kids’ toys, equipment, and their childhood in general.

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