Photobucket is back with all the lost photos and brings a cheaper price to attract the lost customers


Photobucket is back with all the lost photos and brings a cheaper price to attract the lost customers

We store photos because we want to retrieve or view them in the future. While selecting photo storage services, the focus is on factors such as the safety of the photos and the surety that you can access them anytime without hindrance as well as if the photo stick for iphone is available or not.  Photobucket is one of the trusted photo sharing avenues that became the largest photo-sharing platform in the 2000s. Many customers joined Photobucket, where they uploaded their photos.

Hiked the price

Photobucket experienced a major problem when they decided to charge their customers a total of $399. The decision made in 2017 angered the clients who had stored their photos with the company. The customers could not access their images unless they paid the required amount.

Correcting the Damage

After realizing the damage, Photobucket decided to correct the problem in 2018. At this time, they had lost a significant number of customers. One of their interventions was to replace the CEO who had increased the price. They also lowered the price and assured their customers that they would get their photos back. The price was reduced to $2.49 per month and an annual subscription of $24.99. When announcing the changes, the management stated that their price would be $1.99 per month and $19.99 per year for a limited period. This was meant to attract the lost customers.

Message from the CEO

The new CEO, Ted Leonard, was categorical that they valued their customers and could do anything to satisfy them. He indicated that they had returned all the lost photos belonging to their customers. Their main aim was to restore customer’s confidence in their services.

The Changes

Initially, Photobucket linked their services to the third party to allow advertisements. As advertisements reduced, their income also decreased, forcing them to look for alternative sources of revenue. They issued notices to the customers that they will start to charge a fee ranging from $60-$399 to allow them to access their photos. The company replaced some photos with a price tag that had to be paid to access the photo. The public complained, blaming Photobucket for denying them access to their photos.

CEO John Corpus said that the decision to charge a fee would not be changed and it was not possible to make all the customers happy; however, after his exit marking the entry of Ted Leonard, things went back to normal. Ted said that all customers are important whether they are paying or not.

The New Plan

The return of Photobucket came with additional benefits.  They offered free photo storage without involving third-party hosting. Also, they gave 2-gigabyte storage as well as free hosting at only $2.49 per month.  For only $3.99 a month you get 20GB storage and 2 terabytes at a fee of $8.99 a month.

The temporary plan of $1.99 included storage of 20GB and free third-party hosting. At the end of the offer, customers are allowed to choose from other plans where annual subscription is discounted. Ted believes the plan is the strategy to revive the company as they continue looking for other avenues to increase their revenues.

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