Best Bike Rides You Shouldn’t Miss in Denver

Bike Rides

Best Bike Rides You Shouldn’t Miss in Denver

Denver has become an attractive place for cycling not just because of the picturesque landscape, but also due to its distinct terrains. If you are searching for an ideal bike trail, you will be surprised by the different tracks mentioned in USAALL blog post available in this magnificent city.

With the availability of many types of electric bikes, you can’t afford to miss taking part in one of Denver’s exciting cycling paths. Here are some of the finest places to give you a head start:

The Washington Park Loop

The park is almost similar to that of New York; it’s also a fun place for workouts. If you want to access the park by bike, you can do so from the Platte River path from the south. As you loop around the park’s 2.25-mile perimeter, you will discover two lakes, a playground, and the lovely flower gardens.

You can park your bike and join one of the games. To quench your hunger, you can pass through South Gaylord Street which is equipped with many coffee shops and restaurants such as the Devil’s Food.

Bear Creek Bike Trail

If you want to discover Denver’s urban landscape and its hilly background, then Bear Creek is the way to go. The 14.5-mile trail starts at Morrison, a breathtaking entrance heading to Red Rocks as you get hold of the fascinating city’s view.

From there, it passes through Lakewood to Denver, showcasing the stunning countryside and golf courses. You can stop by Colorado Music Hall and enjoy a glass of beer at the Ship Rock Grille.

Denver Cruiser Ride

Since the group bike ride began in 2005, it has increasingly picked up momentum since then. You can join the ride at no charge, though the group is required to pay up for security, cleanup, and other related costs. Initially, the trip used to happen weekly but then switched to monthly due to increased upkeep costs.

Each journey takes place at night and usually has a theme, for instance, dress night and party animal. The meetup points include Little Machine Beer, Monkey Barrel, and The Ginn Mill. The trip starts at 8:15 p.m. and end at a secret point. After that, a party takes place.

The Platte River Trail

Are you a fan of history? As you visit Denver, make sure you pedal in the 28.5-mile Platte River trail. Pass through the Colorado Historical Society, and you will learn so many things. The twenty historical signs that probe into the region’s history explain the prime habitat of the Native Americans and facts about wildlife.

You will also gain a vast knowledge of the railroads that were used by the army, mountain men, and peasants who journeyed along the South Platte River. The bike trail commences from the south of Denver, passes through downtown Denver, then ends in Henderson. Among the spectacular landmarks that you’ll notice include the Riverside Cemetery and former watering holes for beatniks.


Denver has no shortage of amazing biking trails. If you want to tour around the city while enjoying a countryside view, then these trails are worth considering.

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